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restless journey. 
jerky, impulsive mood changes. 

repetitive, meditative patterns. 

multi-layered, irregular rhythms.

instrumental interaction. 

sometimes calm and intimate. 

often deafening, in-your-face, snotty. 

sometimes lean, reduced. 

sometimes diverse, rich. 

sometimes mathematically organized order. 

sometimes randomly improvised without rules. 

multicolored imagination. 



Marina Iten - Saxophone

Joa Frey - Guitar

Joël Burkhard - Bass

Ramzi Hammad - Drums

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NOIIS is a gathering of people who want to share their joy and passion for music and make new musical discoveries. 

NOIIS is a platform for young and upcoming as well as experienced and established artists to develop, exchange and network. 

NOIIS is a place where ideas are shared and where people inspire and motivate each other. 

The NOIIS association was founded in 2022 by Leonardo Degli Antoni, Severin Bruhin and Marina Iten and regularly organizes concerts in Zurich. 

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SAVRI is a project by Swiss bassist Severin Bruhin. His music moves between the worlds of hip hop, soul, funk and jazz. His debut EP Not About Me (2021) was played by national and international radio stations (Radio Swiss Jazz, GW Jazz UK).

Since 2022, SAVRI has been playing concerts in Switzerland and abroad with his six-piece live band. 

The second EP Everything Is Gonna Be Alright is expected to be released in fall 2024. 

Severin Bruhin – Bass
Leonardo Degli Antoni – Drums
Rich Harpur – Guitar

Christoph Meier – Keys

Marina Iten – Alto Saxophone

Nicola Bütler - Trumpet

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Contemporary jazz with a pinch of rock - dynamic, surprising and captivating. The music of the Driftwood Quartet develops from fragile miniatures to orchestral soundscapes and edgy riffs. The band moves adeptly between melodic composition, polyrhythmic structure and individuality in interplay and improvisation.


Joachim Frey - Guitar
Marina Iten - Saxophone
Jeanaine Oesch - Bass
Samir Boehringer - Drums

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A lively collaboration between Fendika from Addis Ababa and K-Sanchis from Zurich. 
The Ethiopian rhythm section is given an original, modern twist by the three-piece Swiss saxophone section. The band is completed by a great Ethiopian singer and two dancers. With ten artists, Fendika & K-Sanchis bring a powerful, infectious energy to the stage. 

Mesay Abebaye - Kebero

Robel Solomon - Bass Krar

Sentayehu Tadesse - Krar

Nardos Tesfaw - Vocals

Habtamu Yeshambel - Masenqo

Jeroen Visser - Baritone Saxophone

Steve Buchanan - Alto Saxophone

Marina Iten - Alto Saxophone

Melaku Belay - Dance

Emebet Woldetsdik - Dance

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Layena (formerly Mambassa Collective) is formed around the influences of Nigerian afrobeat and European disco and explores the influences of the London afro-jazz scene. The ten-piece band is made up of musicians from all language regions of Switzerland and plays original compositions inspired by the music of Fela Kuti, Ginger Baker and Tony Allen, among others. 



Cedric Blaser – Guitar, Vocals

Leonardo Degli Antoni – Drums

Jonas Hutter - Percussions

Emilio Giovanoli – Bass

Livia Marras – Keys and Synths

Daniel Hernandez – Keys and Synths

Marina Iten – Alto Saxophone

Andrew Baker – Tenor Saxophone

Thierry Marro – Tenor Saxophone

Josephine Nagorsnik – Trombone

Victor Decamp - Trombone

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The RH Collective, founded by Palestinian-Swiss drummer Ramzi Hammad, plays groove jazz par excellence. Inspired by people like Pino Palladino, Nubya Garcia, and Christian Scott, the band brings an urban and multicultural sound that packages various influences (jazz, Afrobeat, Arabic music, hip-hop) into a cohesive whole. Dynamic, in your face, detail-oriented, and constantly evolving, the band aims to keep the audience constantly on their toes.

Ramzi Hammad - Drums

Raphael Zuzak - Percussion

Benjamin Gonçalves - Bass

Rich Harpur - Guitar

Dimitri Gamboni - Keys

Théophile Blanchon - Trumpet

Mauro Reimann - Tenor Saxophone

Marina Iten - Alto Saxophone

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